Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bits and Pieces in UHY ♥

Hello to my blog again, well, i think the best way for a lazy people like me to create a post is juz simply post up whatever pictures that i hv taken and let those wonderful pictures tell the story~~~great idea rite =D

1# CNY cocktail event at Connoisseur Lounge, KLGCC

 Company group photo took under the red hot sun, try to spot me if u can XD

Even Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting attended tis event ><

 Juz one glass of red wine, my face turned bloody red immediately =.=

2# Barbeque with my dearest colleagues: we hv a superb in-house chef!!!

 The tomato spaghetti and grilled drumstick was superb!!!

 Right bside me is our great chef Martini!!! She prepared almost all the foods for that day, honestly, i was sooo impressed by her cooking skill ><

Tats all, hope u guys enjoy it and i will try my best to update as frequent as possible ><

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  1. haha yeah photos are the easiest way to tell the story! ur company so good eh! organize at such a nice place!