Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tokyo Kitchen @ Setia Walk Puchong

Being invited by foodirector again for a food tasting session, this time we headed to a innovative casual japanese restaurant in puchong setia walk to try out their best seller dishes as well as newly created items that going to be included in the menu in the near future, thanks a lot to the owners and the host for making this pleasurable dining experience and im having so much fun on that day = D

' May it be inspiration or creativity you're craving, or just to take hiatus from the world, you'd be instantly drawn to Tokyo Kitchen in a matter of seconds' Tokyo Kitchen

restaurant decoration emphasizes on simple and neat concept, where customers can enjoy their meals surrounded by wooden and baboo setting with dim lighting

their chefs is making an unique and creative twist to traditional japanese dishes, introducing an fresh and exciting dining concept to the local

Long Salmon Sushi for RM6.30 per piece, as u can see in the pic above an utterly long thin slice of salmon sashimi is drape on top of a small mouthful of vinegar sushi rice, we have been told that this kind of long cut sashimi sushi is commonly serve both in hongkong or taiwan japanese restaurants, but they are the first one for bringing this to msia, sashimi lovers gonna love this ♥

Roasted Salmon Cheese rice set for RM28.80, set come with green salad, miso soup, agedashi, tofu, and rice. Salmon fillet pan seared to perfection and drizzle with burnt mayo cheese sauce, creamy and flavourful, the mayo cheese sauce unquestionably adds a lot more flavour to it

Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (RM18.80), crispy breaded fried chicken cutlet, green beans and baby corn served with Japanese sweet spicy curry gravy on a bed of rice, tasty and is a great comfort food to fill up ur stomach but honestly nothing special to rave about

Roasted Chicken Cheese Rice Set for RM28.80, similiar with that roasted salmon cheese rice above but they are using tender skin-on grilled chicken instead of salmon fillet for this, i personally like chicken fillet better cuz it taste more flavourful with the teriyaki sauce

Magic Sushi Ball for RM11.80, salmon, red tuna and white tuna sushi ball topped with shrimp roe, unique and appealing presentation

24 pieces of salmon sushi set specially prepared for catering event and party, RM4.30 per piece, including different type of scumptious salmon sushi creation introduced by their Master Chef, Meng, exciting combination such as salmon with peanut butter sauce & spring onion and roasted salmon with mango definitely a great choice for 'party foods'

Tairyo Sashimi (Big) for RM73.80, come with 20 pieces of assorted sashimi and presented elegantly on top of crushed ice, i enjoyed the silky melt-in-your-mouth red tuna and buttery white tuna a lot, it was a day of sashimi overload!!!

The biggest sushi in town!! here comes their signature dinosaur sushi for RM29.30 per piece, gigantic sushi roll topped with a wide big piece of oily red salmon flesh, instantaneously grabbed the attention of most patrons

sushi eater with a Godzilla-esque appetite, are u up for challenge?

the dinosaur sushi was filled with crab stick, tamago, and shredded cucumber, making it tastier and less boring

Tokyo Kitchen Special Roll (RM24.80), fried tiger prawn cucumber roll topped with unagi, mango slice, shrimp roe and in-house special peanut sauce, defintely a unique and refreshing combination, sweetness of the mango and nutty peanut butter work sursprisingly well with the bouncy deep-fried prawn, create a massive cohesive flavour in my mouth and undoubtedly become my favourite foods of the day, recommended!!
We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of their newly launched menu item (not listed in menu yet), pan-fried japanese dumpling with spicy vinegar dipping, dumpling skin was pan-fired to crispy golden brown and auromatic but sadly we could barely taste the salmon

another deep fried version with spicy mayo dipping, crunchy and taste pretty great, im a fan of deep fried foods =P

what so special about Japanese dumpling? their are using salmon and chives as fillings instead of pork or chicken meat like wat we usually see in chinese style dumplings

end our wonderful meal with this hearty dessert, chef's creation sesame and matcha icecream, refreshing and silky smooth, each bite burst with fragrance and flavour of black sesame and matcha, enjoy it to te max!

the eye-catching wishing area

feel free to request a wishing board from them to write down ur own wishes

at last with my happy chubby face

overall a pleasure and delightful dining experience eventhough their sashimi was not utterly fresh, will i come back again? definitely a yes since i wanna try out other interesting items in their menu list that whet my appetite yum yum ~~~ 

Check this out:

Tokyo Kitchen
Block D-05-G Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong.
Tel: (603) 5651 0012

Branch in Sunway Giza Mall
C-1-G Sunway Giza Mall,
Jln PJU5/14, PJU 5,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6151 1268



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