Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Taiwan Trip Foodilicious Compilation

Just a quick recap of some great foods we had during our two weeks trip to Taiwan, enjoy ♥

when talk about taiwanese foods, the 1st thing that come into our mind undoubtedly would be their mouthwatering night market foods, from traditional home-style dishes to innovative creative snack foods, u can get it all in taiwanese night market, a place that fully showcase their local customs and dietary culture, we hv been to too many night markets within two weeks which i alredy lost count of it = = but particularly i would like to recommend 六合night market in gaoxiong, 羅東night market in yilan, 自强night market in hualian and 逢甲night market in taizhong, great places for food hunting lovers ♥

the unforgettable sizzling 9 ounces big fat steak with noodle and runny sunny side up, this daunting portion of beefy juicy thingy only cost you for approximately rm20 !!! i dont think i can get such good quality steak for only rm20 in KL == this was just shockingly tender and full of flavour, be sure to drop by at 曾铁板 to hv ur quick fix for beef when visiting 自强night market

next up, an interesting dessert found in 羅東night market, this so called 包心粉圆, basically is chewy tapioca balls with whole red bean filled inside and served with soya bean flavour shaved ice and heart shape macha jelly, this was just delightfully good and refreshing ~ ~ ~

plenty of healthful and savory taiwanese aboriginal cuisine in 阿里山and 清境

Yilan's Nanfangao (南方澳) was famous for it fresh, high quality local catches, where patrons can choose from a wide variety of fresh seafood while enjoying the scenic beauty of the fishing port

finding somthing to fix ur sugar cravings after having savoury seafood dishes? quite a number of stalls around Nanfangao area selling this traditional dessert namely peanut popiah icecream (花生卷冰淇凌) and this is definitely a great choice for light and guilty free dessert

another national dish in Taiwan, beef noodle soup, we had this in 九份 and it was pleasurably good, the brisket was pretty tender as it had obviously been cooked for a long time

came across a taiwanese blogger's review bout this famous peanut butter burger in 西门町taipei, ofcuz i hv to be there since im a glutton for great foods!!! 

an utterly dreamy and elegant place to enjoy the pleasure of afternoon tea in taipei, the 1st impression once i entered this place was, wow!! what a glamorous flowery setting and decoration! girls gonna crazy over it lol, thx to my baby jareil for accompanying me to this wonderful place ^^

at last, famous dazzling cafe's honey toast in taipei is in my must-try list for this taiwan trip, hv been came across many reviews bout this dessert and i was so eager to hv a try on this, thx a lot for renae yeo for fulfilling my wish ^^ i shall do a seperate post bout this cafe in the very near future hah!

More updates coming soon!!!!!im having a hard time filtering and choosing those pics we hv took = =


  1. ahahaa ofcuz!! non-stop eating for the entire trip lol

  2. the main reason why i always wanted to go to taiwan is because of their food.. now that i read your post i think i should seriously start planning for my taiwan trip.. huhuhu..

    1. me too ^^ beside their foods i really luv to interact with taiwanese people, most of them are extremely friendly and warm-hearted ^^