Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beloved Candice's Birthday @ Nihon Kai

Another round of birthday celebration, this time is with the Sun-U gang and we chose Nihon Kai as the place for this celebration after hearing a number of compliments bout this restaurant. Located at Sunway Mentari, Nihon Kai is a Japanese restaurant serving fresh and good-tasting dishes with generous portion yet affordable price, a great place for group celebration although their private dining room is not spacious enough, 14 people is the max i think Smiley

Our pretty birthday gul ^^

Posing randomly with the girls

A unique cake for our birthday gul, Nihon Kai 'sushi cake' a.k.a maki for RM38

Their chef helped us to slice it up since we do not hv the skill to handle this kind of cake, better leave it to the professional

with purchase of a sushi cake and total bill exceed RM100, u will get this 'sushi tower' for free, and most importantly, it tastes as good as it looks !!!

Other delectable items from their menu

Wearing formal attire since most of us juz finished our audit presentation

Group photo, a bunch of girls with the only guy =.=

group photo again before leaving

Credit by: domokunest

Check this out:
Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant
2, Jalan PJS 8/18
Dataran Mentari
46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: (+603) 5630 1368

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