Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burps & Giggles @ Jln Sultan Yussuf Ipoh, The Burgerlicious Showdown # 3

A historic and old building located at the busy street of ipoh get a creative and unexpected makeover by its owner, Julie Song. Despite i hv gone through many others reviews bout this place b4 my visit, i still being amazed by the brilliant idea of the owner and keeping my eyes wide open all time once i stepped into the restaurant.

Creative grafiti art all over the place

A cosy corner displaying a variety of pastries and quick bites

Overweight bikini ladies look so cute hah!

" Good food like good things, takes love and time......"

Hot Mocha (RM14), perfect pairing of chocolate and coffee for a rich and creamy experience

Bello Croissant Sandwice (RM14), baked croissant with garlic sauteed portobello, brie cheese, and mayo sauce 

The Jammy Burger (RM18), thick and juicy angus beef pattie nicely arranged with jalapeno, tomato and mayo sauce, cheese, tomato slice, and onions in between two grilled sesame seeded soft breads

Harvey Burger (RM16), fish pattie with coriander, mint salad, and thai infused spread, it doesn't tatse meaty but tatse light and tasty, beef-less burgers do make a delicate meal as well ; )  tangy lemongrass infused dressing has adds a wow factor to the burger 

Poulet Chicken Burger (RM16), juicy flame grilled marinated chicken thigh fillet with pineapple, gherkin, garlic, simply cant resist the lure of this thick fat chicken goodness

Greeko Burger (RM18), greek style melt-in-the-mouth lamb pattie burger stuffed with cheese, red pepper, onions, olives, and refreshing mint yoghurt spread !!! meaty and juicy with loads of aromatic spices that beats ketchup any day! recommended!!

Chunky thick cut fries for RM4, add another RM2 for extra flavour of cheese, chili flakes, or truffle oil  

A messy finger-licking treat ♥

Canele (RM7.50), small french pastry with soft and chewy custurd center, dark and thick caramelised crust at the outer layer, we were definitely not a fans of this hard-to-chew pastry and my cousin eventually described it as a harder version of kuih bahulu lol

Passion fruit cake (RM7.50) light and fluffy sponge with luscious fresh cream filling, passion fruit puree on top of the cake really brings an extra tangy flavour to it

Marshy Marshmallow Chocolate Cake (RM7.50) dense and moist chocolate cake with gooey marsmallow plus crispy rice krispie topping, it failed to disappoint but bundle me with a joy of sweetness!!!

Check this out:

Burps & Giggles
No. 93 & 95,
Jln Sultan Yussuf,
30000 Ipoh, Perak. (Behind kongheng)

Tel: 05-2426188/ Fax: 05-2426297
Business Hours: 8am-8pm, closed on every tuesday 


  1. The drawings on the wall are really nice. It seems to be much nicer than the ones over here in Penang.

    1. u mean the wall painting in georgetown? its been a long time since my last visit to Penang XD but i think every piece of art has its own characteristic ^^

    2. Yea. Those in Georgetown.

      Yea, you are right too, every piece of art has its own characteristic. :)