Saturday, February 9, 2013

Les Deux Garçons Pattisserie @ Telawi Bangsar Baru

Before i heading to my hometown where internet access is relatively harder to get, this will be my last post b4 my cny holiday come to an end, woohoo!!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! Another foodie post especially to cater the desserts lovers, a quaint place selling quality modern French cakes, and premium macarons crafted from the finest ingredients in the great Gallic culinary tradition but with a modern twist. According to martini who speak a little french, 'les duex garcons" means two little boys if not mistaken, pls dont blame me if i got the meaning wrong hah!!

 A good variety of premium macaroons from unique flavour such as wasabi, tuffle, and earl grey to some all-time-favourite like dark chocolate cointrea and salted caramel

Wide array of decedent french desserts and i hv a hard time in pronouncing its name, can anyone tell me how to pronounce la duchesse, demoiselle, and l'amer lol

i got myself dark choco, wasabi, salted caramel, black sesame and pistachio macaroons!!! haevenly good!!

and again, martini's happy face at the end XD


Check this out:

Les Deux Garçons Pattisserie
36 Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru
59100 KL, Malaysia.

Tel: +603.22847.833


  1. Wasabi macaroons! wow, was it spicy?

    1. not really spicy but the wasabi flavour very strong, taste interesting XD

  2. Its only "the two boys", not "two little boys". :)

    1. ahahaha sry for misinterpreting the meaning XDXD eh u coming bak to msia on this coming sun right? lets go food hunting again XD