Sunday, January 23, 2011

Authentic European Delicacies-Cafe Vienna, Lot 10

ya...its a boring day and i was hanging around with my brother in times square hope to grab some new clothes for CNY hehe~~however,shopping does eat up a lot of our energy and made our stomach started growling jor XD and yes,its time for lunch!This cafe which located on the 2nd floor of Lot 10 successfully grabbed our attention with its cozy and quaint decoration,and it offers mouthwatering Austrian cuisine with prices tat considered quite expensive for us >< btw, still worth a try XD

                                          European style decoration~~ welcum~~

                                           Their menu for entries...
tada~~~here come for our first main course,seafood paella(RM38),with tons of seafood including shrimp, scallop, calamari,and mussel, at the same time, their gave u tons of green peas as well><it will be nicer without green peas!!(i hate green peas haha XD)  the rice is finely cooked with saffron which is damn aromatic~~~highly recommend XD

the next main course is cheese spaetzle (RM29.50),with onion, turkey ham, mushroom and donnoe wat kind of vegetable XD this a effing creamy dish >< quite enjoyable to hv it at the beginning,but slowly i felt a bit unctuous jor.....

after finished main courses, is time for dessert!!!the first dessert we had is apple strudel(RM18),crispy and flaky pastry with apple and plum sauce in it(i think so XP),tis dessert is juz ok for me,will try their cheese strudel nx time XD
The other dessert we had is kaiserschmarrn(RM14), raisin pancake with apple and plum sauce, tis dessert is not my cup of tea,i think i wont order it again nx time XD btw,the overall foods and services are still considered good for me, sure will visit it again in the future XD

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  1. nice pictures!!! ur camera can also snap nice photos wad!!!XD seafood paella looks tempting>< but i hate green peas also lol