Monday, June 6, 2011

♥Umami Cafe♥ @ Kepong K-Gallery

The past few weeks were kind of hectic for me, tons of deadlines to meet, and it's been a decade i dint catch a movie with my frens, can u feel how outdated i am ><
Haiz.....btw...back to main topic....dined out at tis cozy little cafe located at the neighborhood of Kepong Village Mall which offered Japanese fusion dishes with generally affordable price. Mayb because of the colour tone they used, it made me felt so comfortable while dining in it.

Warm and colorful decoration all over the place

 Gyoza for RM7.90, Japanese dumpling wrapped with fresh n juicy vegetables, although some blog reviews said it was made with fresh minced pork n vegetables, however, i couldn't feel the 'existence' of meat at all,  mayb it is juz too insignificant for me to discover it =.=......

Oyako Don (RM13.90), fried bread-crumbled chicken fillet with some flavorful omelette served on top of the juz-the-right portion's rice.

Buta Kakunimen (RM13.90), the broth was quite light and burst with flavor at the same time 

Buta Enoki Roll for RM 9.90, grilled bacon wrapped with enoki mushroom, red carrot, and long bean, most favorite dish of the day, highly recommended^^

Check tis out:

Umami Cafe,
1-01, 1st floor, K-Gallery,
Lot 44667, jln 1/62A,
Bandar Menjalara, 52200 KL.


  1. Why there are so many nice cafe in KL? I like the environment so much! VERY MUCH!
    I wish I could find more such cafe in Penang.

  2. Inwana go here for dinna tonight! But my bf always feel scared to park the car around there. U should try the sweet potato fries there!