Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Joyful BBQ After Two Years ^^

Time flies....its been 2 years since we had BBQ together on this spacious rooftop, nothing much has changed, still laughing for the same old jokes n playing the same old games. Another great time spent with my old course mates, really appreciate for all the organizing and preparation works~~~

Superb view from cy's house

the guys always in-charge for setting up those equipments XD

Thx dailou who bought us tis fresh n juicy salmon

our future great chef XD

sashimi!!! we all drooled like a hungry puppies when we saw tis XD

awesomely delicious ><><><

Some oily grilled salmon XD

Im so sry for scaring u wit my fugly face XD

group photo of the day ^^

credit by: mun li

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