Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 Live in Malaysia!!!

Greatest nite ever!!!! lotsa scream lotsa jump n lotsa fans-chant!!!XD Thx a lot for dearest Joee who gave me a free tic so tat i wont be crying under my pillow becoz i failed to get any tics despite i hv joined many giv away contests from diff channels >< I wonder y some people actually boycott kpop music and artists.... Im proud to be a die-hard kpop fans btw :P they r juz so awesomely great >< Here r some photos i took during tat day, enjoy :P

 The setting of the stage, much more simpler than i expected ><

 Three happy gulz who queuing outside the stadium for few hours b4 the concert start, the sun is burning hot on tat day =.=

The 1st group of artist, FT Island!!! wat i can recall is i keep screaming hello hello n goodbye goodbye during their performance XD

 the cutie hongki

 Teen top, bloody young boy band with average age around 17-18 >< luv their synchronized dance move ^^

 They r the only gul group during tat day, for ur information, tis is Jiyoon from 4 minutes ^^

Up nx was U-Kiss!!! felt super happy tat i able to watch they danced Neverland in live >< Im the happiest gul ever!!! XD

 Park Jung Min, the hottie pie XP

Seungri or Victory, everyone started to stand up n jump up n down when he came out, i think most of the people in tat concert r came specially for Big Bang lor XD

 GD&TOP!!! felt a bit unbelievable to watch them performing in live >< everyone screamed like crazy from the minute they stepped up the stage XD

 I want more from GD&TOP!!! 3 songs r obviously not enough ><

Pray hard n hope they will come again nx year >< its time to focus on my assignment again........haiz.....

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