Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ben's @ KLCC

So sorry for my infrequent update cuz recently i became a super cheap labour in an audit firm with a monthly salary lower than a part time waitress =.= if u r clever enough, ya, im doing my internship rite nw and i work my ass out every single day bside weekend without receiving a proper payment hahahaaa. . . . . . however, to be very honest, i hv learnt a lot of stuffs that i not able to learn it in uni despite the long working hours, and i felt so sorry to my seniors cuz i always challenge their patience with my outstanding silliness and dumpness =.= alrite, back to the topic, obviously this would be another foodlicious post that will make u drooling in the middle of the nitez!! erm. . . . . . .mayb not. . . . XD
Under the same management with Plan B, this restaurant offer a pretty vast selection of mouth-watering dishes with considerable prices and i believe there must be some items in the menu that able to satisfy ur tastebud ^^

comfortable and playful decor

 Wild Mushroom Spaghettini with Mascarpone lemon zest & truffle oil (RM22.90), we enjoyed this cream based pasta a lot despite the abalone mushroom tasted pretty salty, a small hint of truffle oil made this dish even more delectable

 Zucchini & Crabmeat Quiche with a hint of lemon and dill (RM15.90), rich unsweetened custurd pie with creamy filling, and pls dont ever ignore the side salad cuz the salad dressing was really superb XD

Red Velvet Cake (RM10.90) red sponge, chocolate ganeche & cream cheese frosting, dense and moist yet not too sweet, simply delightful ♥

Check tis out:

Ben's @ KLCC
Lot 140, First Floor,
Suria KLCC,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088, Kuala Lumpur

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