Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The best of my 2011 ♥

Juz feel like doing a short and simple recab regarding the best things that hv happened in the year of 2011, felt really greatful to all those precious experiences that i hv gone through as well as people around me who always make my ordinary life an irreplaceable one, and here is some simple sum up XD

Joined an exchange programme for the very first time, an amazing learning trip to United Kingdom :

K-POP concerts for free which i really enjoyed it!!! :

Voluntary work in zoo negara, one of the most unforgetable and joyful moments in 2011 :

An awesome trip to Sepang with my uni budies, we eat hard, play hard and laugh hard as always :

21st birthday celebration, thx to all my dearests who made my birthday a memorable one ^^ :

And of course, unstoppable outing and food-hunting XD :

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