Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ikuzo Ramen @ SS2, The Ramen Revolution

Introducing you an exciting ramen restaurant which takes the ramen dishes to another revolutionary level by allowing customers to customized their own style of ramen dishes and selling it with a crazily cheap prices, as their mission statement goes.....

' We are here to start a new revolution. A ramen revolution. Our dream is to bring high quality yet affordable ramen to all the people.'

The place was decorated with many creative and eye-catching posters, and i think they selling those posters cuz i saw some price tags attached to it =.=

The 1st step to create ur own revolutionary ramen dish is to choose ur own favourite type of ramen which made using nutritious rye flour, unfortunately, the spicy thin ramen is no longer available =.=
The second step was to further spice up ur ramen dish using their special in-house condiments ranging from mild flavour like chili oil and white pepper to robust flavour like the explosive chili paste

My favourite was the nutty rich peanut paste and ofcuz, the explosive level of chili paste (honestly, it was not as explosive as i expected it to be =.=)

Yuzu Floats with Green Tea Milk (RM5.90), thick and fragrance matcha milk shake match surprisingly well with the refreshing pomelo icecream!!! im soo in luv with this drink!! recommended!!!

Cha-Shu Ramen(RM8.90), five awesome pieces of porky chashu with their signature shoyu based broth, served with seaweed and spring onions, simple yet satisfying

Ebi Fry Ramen (RM8.90), two deep fried prawns with shoyu based ramen dish, i hv chosen the spicy thick ramen but sadly, the noodle was full of 'alkaline taste' which i really dislike of  > <

Handmade Gyoza or Japanese Potstickers with an reasonable price of RM4.50, this go very well with their homemade sweet and sour ponzu

Check this out:

Ikuzo Ramen
52, Jalan SS 2/61,
47300 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7865 3254
Open daily, 10:30am-11pm

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