Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunway students actually can cook !!!

Despite im already in my third year at sun-u, this was my very first time to try out the foods in the training restaurant running by our fellow students. The overall dining experience was great and the services they provided are freindy and approachable even though most of their dishes taste like they did not put enough seasoning in it =.= but their desserts was amazing and definitely worth a try ^^

Summertime Mocktail of the day, refreshing combination of pineapple juice, strawberry juice and other unknown thingy which i have forgotten =.=

Grilled lamb rack served with mashed potatoes and some interesting sweet potato chunks

British all-time-favourite, fish and chips with mixed herbs mayonnaise dipping

Seafood spaghetti, angel hair and fresh seafood sauteed with olive oil

Grilled salmon with berry sauce

Tiramisu, this was the dessert of the day on the set lunch menu

Dome Mousse, basically is black and white chocolate mousse covered in sinfully dark chocolate

Passion fruit and choc mousse on the left and chocolate tart on the right

with the girls ♥


something out of the final is getting nearer and nearer and i am so freaking stressed out rite now, all the best for me peeps!!!> < 

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