Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Femine 30 Camp 2012

Juz completed the mission possible of starving for 30 hours last weekend. To be very honest, my initial motive for joining this event was all because of wang lee hom, but end up i got more than i ever expected throughout the event, met a lot of great people and learned to be thankful, overall, this was still a memorable experience for me~~~

 hv met soo many nice people that i never spoke to b4!!! juz randomly used a funny thingy to cover my freaking fugly face ><

 Group 8 members!!! we won the 1st prize for our sketch yay!!! guess wat is the reward we got? juz some packaged drink lol

 the crazy crowd in the stadium 0_o

happy guls waiting for wang lee hom XD

 cutie catherine, munyin, and kerxin  ^^

 performance from Hands Percussion, brilliant!!!

omg the prince finally came out!!! too sad that we cant even see his face properly cuz we sat quite far away from the stage >< 

 the handsome as usual wang lee hom and my favourite host jeff park lol

mission fulfilled!!! 

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