Sunday, September 16, 2012

AkaMomiji Japanese Restaurant @ Medan Ipoh Bistari

Serving quality Japanese foods to food lovers in Ipoh, Akamomiji has started their operation since 2009 and still going strong after some years. There is still a small crowd in the restaurant even though we made our visit on monday, proving its popularity amongst foodies in Ipoh!! 

Idako Maki (RM8.80), is a kind of 'cucumber-wrapped sushi' with marinated baby octopus, cucumber strips and some chrunchy thingy(i hv no idea what is it XD), definitely not my cup of tea cuz all i can taste is juz cucumber =.=

Chuka Ramen (RM16.80), refreshing cold ramen topped with fresh vegetables, tamago, shrimp and coated with sweet and sour sauce, a ramen dish that looks as good as it taste, recommended!!!

Yaki Soba Omellete (RM15.80), basically is a 'fried noodles in sauce' and blanket it inside a fluffy soft omellete with some delicious brown sauce and mayonnaise, i was instantly hooked after the first bite ♥

Unagi Chunchy Maki (RM18.80), it's hard for unagi lovers to resist this ♥ 

Check this out:
Akamomiji Japanese Restaurant
36-38, Medan Ipoh 1E,
Medan Ipoh Bistari,
31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 05-5486368

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