Sunday, October 28, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour in Malaysia!!!

After a long time of waiting, big bang finally hv their very 1st concert in M'sia!!!! Im not really a VIP honestly, i just simply felt that they are an iconic boy band for k-pop and there is a miraculous uncontrollable inherent driving force in my mind telling me that i must attend their concert lol =.= but at the end i didnt feel regret for paying for the concert cuz it was an incredible concert experience for me, i keep jumping shaking waving bouncing swinging disco-ing during concert till my whole body aching like a granny lol.............the most memorable part for me is they keep saying those malay words with a strange yet adorable slang and even mixing 'aku cinta pada mu' into their freestyle beatbox, talented them ( ̄Д ̄)ノ

Crazy crowd waiting outside the entrance gates =.=

i looks bloody messy and sweaty > <

Posing with the yellow light stick lol

Tiny little big bang from far away, i cant even c their face haiz

The sexy icon T.O.P!!!

Charismatic g dragon!!! he got da killa swag~~~

the sailor moon light stick again


im still aive~~~im still alive~~im still alive~~~they so kind and sang four songs for their encore performance, we really appreciate that > <

Too much k-pop recently and i feeling exhausted =.= the worst thing happened to me was i received a shocking sad news so out of sudden when someone awaken me the next day is short and unpredictable, always treasure the people around you......gudnight peeps~~~

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