Thursday, October 18, 2012

Paradise Dynasty @ Paradigm Mall

A Singaporean originated f&b company has finally expanding their very first footprint in Malaysia, serving quality and rich array of chinese culinary delights in a grand contemporary style of dining environment. I was being allured by their lengendary xiao long bao with innovative flavours that is hard to find in anywhere else, such as black truffle and foie gras flavours, some was surprisingly good yet some was pretty forgetable. Overall, still a good and pleasant dining experience, pls try it at ur own risk = P

Intriguing and opulent interior decor, a comfortable dining experience for sure

 四川担担拉面, La Mian with 'Dan Dan' Sauce (RM13.80), this is my all time favourite and classic dish originating from China Szechuan, the spicy nutty broth is juz simply irresistible

雪菜肉丝炒年糕, Wok-fried Shanghai Rice Flour Cake with Meat and Preserved Vegetables (RM16), tatse pretty good but unexciting

 皇朝小笼包 (RM23.80) Here come their signature dish, the dynasty xiao long bao with astonishing unusual colour and each representing different innovative unique flavour including the original, black truffle, cheesy, garlic, spicy szechuan, foie gras, ginseng, and crab roe

 The evil red SzeChuan style, it is not ur average ordinary xiao long bao!!!
 each bite burst with savoury and meaty hot broth 

高莉豆沙, Souffle Egg White Balls stuffed with Red Bean Paste and Banana, three pieces for RM8, interestingly light and fluffy outer layer goes very well with a mash of sweet red bean and banana, simply a wonderful sweet ending for the meal



Check this out:
Paradise Dynasty
Lot 1F-15 Lvl 1, Paradigm Mall
No 1, Jalan SS7/26A, 47301
Kelana Jaya, PJ.
Tel: 03-7887 5022


  1. WOW, can't imagine the interior is so grand

    1. yup, but not that spacious, their xiao long bao really awesome! ^^