Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Being a Volunteer 'Screamer' @ 8tv Shout Award 2012

This will be the most special and unforgetable voluntary work experience to me, i do not know that shouting, screaming, jumping up and down like monkey, pretending that u like those artists so much but actually not and being on tv can be part of the tasks of a volunteer until the last friday =.= yes i was involved in a volunteer team for helping out the 8tv shout award and surprisingly, my job is nothing but a regular 'screamer' XD

with my cutesy coursemate

the most memorable performance of the day, luminous gundam danced with a group of luminous dancers lol

Yuna got her very 1st award

Jinnyboy and Serena C.

to be honest, they are my motivation for joining this this activity lol
lovely VIXX showing aegyo and throwing hearts to the audiences

the hosts of the day

i get impressed by yuna's wonderful voice, she was just amazing

Nu'est, another korean boy band invited by the production team

2012 was a great year for M'sia kpop lover, i've lost count for the number of kpop stars gracing our shores throughout the year =.=

overall a memorable experience ♥

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