Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuck Kee Restaurant @ Jln Yau Tet Shin, The Best Moonlight Fried Kuey Teow in Ipoh

Located at a nostalgia busy street of the 'mountain town', Tuck Kee has satisfied the stomach of Malaysian foodie folks over the past few decades with their famous wat tan hor and yut kong hor (月光河), the 'moonlight' fried kuey teow XD The misleading fact is that there is another 'sibling' restaurant called 'sun tuck kee' located exactly on the same row with this restaurant, but according to my mum, this shop was the most 'primeval' one. however, i gotta put a disclaimer on this statement, it may not be necessary the truth.

While waiting for their 'wall of fame' moonlight fried noodle to be served, dont hesitate to try out the boiled baby octopus which drizzled with soy sauce,fried garlic oil, spring onion, and some crispy fried garlic bits accompanied with their in-house special chili sauce.

Another impressive appetizer would be this braised pheonix claw, basically the gelatinuos chicken feets braised to infuse flavour of anise and other seasoning and achieve a succelent fall-off-the-bone texture! decently palatable!!

Hokkien style fried noodle and meehoon, a pretty average one out of all

Here comes their too-bad-to-miss moonlight fried kuey teow! cracked raw eggs placed on top of the fried kuey teow and mixed it up as fast as possible while the kuey teow still bubbling hot, taste the joy and satisfaction in every spoonful, yummy!!!

it might looks messy but trust me, this plate of blackish soupy thingy is just too good to be ignored!

Check this out:

Tuck Kee Restaurant
No.61, Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel: +605-253 7513
Opens from 5pm onwards until late night.
Off days not fixed. Call to confirm.

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