Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vonluntary Work in Zoo Negara

Peeps!!!! here i am again XD participated an event organized by Sunway Social Society which asks students to work as a vonlunteer in Zoo Negara. This was the 1st time ever i joined a voluntary work, although it was strenuous and tiring, i get to try many things tat i never done b4 and know many new faces from diff courses and backgrounds. Believe it or not, i never seen so many poops in my life b4!! it come wit diff colour,shape, smell, and wetness summore!!!! and my major task on tat day was clearing those smelly poops n feeding those animals so tat they can create poops again =.= i even accidentally stepped on those stupid poops!! aaarrrgghhhhh!!! luckily i was in charged in the children world which the poops i deal with was in not-so-big size, can u imagine those gigantic poops that come from  giraffes and elephants?! i think i will hv faint on the spot =.= 

 Felt so regret that i dint brought my camera!!!  hv missed the opportunity to capture those wonderful moments happened on tat day ><

The shortest aunty who wearing a green t-shirt was ME!!! haha!!

Lining up and listening to the given instructions 

hippopotamus french kissing XD

staring at its prey?

i hv no idea y this giraffe looks like an alien =.=

Camel who was born wit one hump XD

i luv flamingo,tis bird was freaking beautiful and appealling ^^

anonymous birds XD

 watched sea lion's performance when v finished our works XD 

credit by: Sunway Social Society

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