Friday, October 14, 2011

21st Birthday~~~

Ahaha it is hard to believe tat im still talking bout my birthday cuz tis 'thing' is kind of outdated already =.=....btw juz bear with me n browse through those pics randomly if u dont mind XD Im really appreciate all the things tat my frens hv done to me, from wishes to all kinds of surprises, thx a lot for everything ^^

Thx a lot for my Sunway's buddies~~~to be very serious, i dint expect to hv any surprises during tat day, but u guys gave me~~~!!! im glad to hv u guys as my buddies~~~thx!!!

They even decorated the birthday cake themselves!!! the cutest birthday cake i ever had!!! ^^

make a wish~~~

Officially 21 ady......><

 Celebrate my belated birthday with KBU's frens, i dint expect tat they will put my name on the birthday cake 2gether wit Cheryl , im really happy n appreciate for tat~~~^^

Making wishes 2gether with Cheryl~~~

Once again, thx a lot for everything things....

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