Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Sepang ♥

Awesome trip to Bukit Jugra, Tanjung Sepat, Morib, and Sepang Gold Coast with my Sunway besties n here are some photos of the day~~~enjoy~~~

Lighthouse at Jugra Hill, thx for Renae who drove all the way up there despite the road was hideously steep 

Love the sunshine ~~~

The artsy Lover Bridge in Tanjung Sepat ♥
Had some seafood for our lunch, a restaurant right beside the lover bridge

Our afternoon snacks, famous handmade Hainam baos from Hai Yew Heng

Their 梅菜包 and 生肉包 are the must try

Yummy red bean bao XD

Friendly uncle who selling homemade coffee powder ^^

Morib beach

Taken at Sepang gold coast

Happy Deepavali  Everyone!!!Gonna enjoy my precious holiday!! yoohoo~~~

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