Monday, February 7, 2011

Belated Gong Xi Fa Chai !!!

Gong xi fa chai!!!!! i noe its a bit too late to talk bout tat cuz i dint get to access any internet devices tis past few days =.=...i successfully gained few pound during tis festival by stuffing all kinds of rubbish deep fried foods into my gigantic mouth unstoppable><horrible enormous calorie taking i noe.....oh my dear 45kg,i hv tried anything to get closer wit u,but how come the distance btwn us getting more and more far u noe hw much i need u!!!(lame but sincere confession lol XD)

Shin Se Kyung,she's a supa dupa hawt babe tat makes many girls cry and makes many guys nose bleeding i noeXD when can i possess tis kind of body figure? mission impossible lol XD

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