Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Im going to talk about my current addiction which makes me cant control myself to search for  the new videos and pictures about them every times i turn on my computer XD i noe it may sounds insane and pervert but i cant help it but continue to do so lol XD cause im a die hard k-pop fans girl lol~~~
INFINITE! A Korean boy group which consists of 7 members,SungGyu(the leader), DongWoo, Hoya, WooHyun, SungYeol, L(MyungSoo), and SungJong!!!i think they still considered a rookie group cause they juz debuted last year. This group is famous with their supa dupa synchronize dance which able to make my bro type their group name on the youtube's searching engine lor XD(cause it is very very seldom for him to search for Korean artist leh XDXD)

Come back Again(Dance Version), tittle song for their 1st mini album XD

Before the Dawn(BTD), tittle song for 2nd mini album, pls pay attention on their famous scorpion dance at the end of this song XD

My bias!!Myung Soo,L~~~

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