Sunday, April 24, 2011

I ♥ Capricciosa and Chatime @ Sunway Pyramid

Another exhausted day....after attended the Red Carpet event which enable the students who r going to start their internship to ask watever information they wish to know directly from their 'potential employers'. I still cant make up my mind till now regarding which type of company i shud work in....accounting? audit? bank? or insurance? haiz......juz too hard for me to choose either one =.= after that,headed to sunway pyramid to hv a dinner cuz we want to avoid the peak hour of traffic jam. Settled down in Capricciosa which located at LG2 and at the opposite of J.CO donutz. Served authentic Italian dishes and offered daily fresh made pasta!!!

Founded in Japan, they opened the very first branch in Malaysia at Sunway Pyramid

the range of foods actually quite narrow


wearing office attire XD

camwhoring non-stop XD

Spaghetti Genovese (RM16.90) spaghetti with pesto sauce and pine nuts, aromatic but quite oily, felt greasy at the end ><

Capricciosa Pizza(RM16.90) erm...i will giv 6 out of 10 for tis XD


messy and oily leftover =.=

Went to buy chatime's bubble milktea after meal, recommended by Renae ^^

Honestly, tis is the best bubble milktea i ever had!!! they giv u tons of pearl for additional charge of 1 ringgit ^^

Credit by: domokunest

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