Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summary of the day # 4

Attended so called JSI Exclusive Publicity Buffet Function if not mistaken in Grand Millennium Hotel, initially i thought it was an interesting event but i was totally wrong......cuz this was an event that urge u to invest in the UK's lands through their company =.= UK's land man! i wish v hv extra money to invest in it too =.= i hv no idea which jerk gave my papa's phone number to the event organizer n we ended up stayed at there for few hours juz to listen to their 'interesting' narration bout the investment program. However, thx a lot for their free buffet lunch XD

 The tandoori salmon was dry like hell =.= btw, 1st times trying tis stuff XD

 Some desserts at the end of the meal,can u spot the brown spice cake? yuckzzz!!!

They even gave us two isetan's vouchers worth rm50 each XD bloody happy n excited XD i will try to use it wisely muahaha XD

i miss my holidays n i hate my assignments (additional mumbling lol).......

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