Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Honeymoon, My Happiness, My Love

Gud news to tell, for those who is the fans of 'My Honeymoon' dessert house, they having this giveaway contest and all u need to do is go search for My Honeymoon's page in fb, 'like' their page, be the first 100 lucky souls comment on their post once they post it up during every Friday, and u will able to walk away wit a free dessert plus a voucher worth RM5!!!!!  

Take a photo wit their staff if u wanna participate another contest and they may award u another RM50 voucher

 Adzuki Bean Slurped for free!!!XD

Purple rice Maruko

Durian Ice, overloaded durian-ness made me felt a bit  uncomfortable =.= 

Chewy yummy white little maruko, thumbs up!!

Renae and Jun Rong try to express their creativeness using the coconut milk XD

Chocolate Sweetballs with crusted peanuts, the chocolate lava in the glutinous balls immediately spill in ur mouth once u bite it!! highly recommended^^

Both of them try to act out a scenario for the sake of participate the another contest XD

So sweet~~~XD

Solo time!!! the 1st one is our cute little Junrong^^

Hyperactive Renae XD

Graceful Jareil ^^

At last, a childish 'young-adult' who sucking her red bean slurped XD

Gotcha go~~~btw, i hate my business strategy assignment =.=.....

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