Monday, April 4, 2011

Chic Pop Street Market 7 @ Jaya One with the girls^^

Lotsa fun! lotsa joy! lotsa fashion! and lotsa chics! Is the Chic pop street market 7!!! and we finally there last Saturday! muahaha XD although this was the seventh installment of the chic pop street market, this was my very first time to attend it and thx to renae who told me this exhilarating news and fetched me all the way there XD

Hv a pleasure afternoon wit Joey and Cher Tieng^^ tis was the first time i met Cher Tieng, three of them are classmate as well as bestie while they are in Chong Hwa Independent high school,i admit that i felt a bit awkward at the beginning but such feeling disappeared very fast cuz they r all nice and friendly person^^ plus there is always an universal topic among the girls, which is  clothes and fashion!!!hehe!!!

Cher Tieng wit yellow shirt and Joey wit grey shirt^^

Before we starting to squeeze ourself into the fashion crowd, fill up my stomach is much more important than other things bcoz im the one who's born for foods XD thus, went KimchiHaru, who served contemporary Korean Cuisine for our lunch ^^

Found some creative dishes such as cheese bulgoki, cabonara topokki, and mini size Korean pancake, which has made an interesting twist from it traditional form

our drinks and some nonrefillable side dishes XD 

Cher Tieng's Cheese Bulgoki set(RM18) served with a Korean citron tea and 4 diff side dishes

Me and Renae ordered tis Yook Gae Jang set(RM18.50),which is a spicy chili broth with some glass noodle and shredded beef in it, nice nice^^

U can soak ur rice in the broth, which made it even more palatable XD

Joey's Beef Bulgoki set(RM23),tis was superb, the beef was damn juicy and sweet!!! recommended^^

Additional order, original topokki(RM11),it will be tastier if they put less sugar XD

yum yum~~~

camwhoring wit Renae hehe~~~

Met Joey's fren,Christy as well^^ she is such a seemly and elegant girl who luv to play musical instruments,envy envy~~~i wish i noe hw to play musical instrument too XD

~(^.^)~ ~(>_<)~

After finished our meals, its time for shopping muahaha!!!! i juz able to grab one chiffon blouse on tat day cuz most of the vendors there sold vintage style staffs and i did not fit that style well due to my bucket-shaped figure =.= btw, hw can u resist the wonderful-ness of nice foods?! lets put away the weight issue 1st XD

guess who we met on tat day?is Kiminpink!!! so exciting and she is so nice and cute^^

trendy accessories^^ a bit pricey as well><

Me,Cher Tieng and Joey


random photo,4got wat they selling dy~~~

Grab some icy cold foods at The Bee cafe cuz we all felt damn exhausted after walking few hours under the bloody red hot sun...if u r a fans of fatboysbakes cakes and the last polka dots ice-cream, gud news here! Cuz they offer u both!!!


At last, giv u a camwhoring pic v took at Renae's car hehe XD

credit by: domokunest

Happy day happy life~~~chiao~~~


  1. Haha. I saw wrongly at the first time. I though it's 'Chic Chop'. Then I wonder why there is not any chicken chop. Then only I realised it's 'Chic Pop' Street.