Thursday, March 31, 2011

K-pop Music Video that caught my eye lately #2

As usual, gonna share some k-pop music videos that i like, i better keep my mouth shut now cuz i felt nothing to say and my life is kind of plain recently XD

TVXQ: Before U Go 
Honestly,i felt quite sad when i heard bout three other members had left the group, cuz they are such a legendary group for me(used to be a Cassiopeia for 4 yrs b4) =.= btw, still amazed by Chang Min's powerful high notes XD

Girl's Day: Twinkle Twinkle
Cute and breezy girl group with five pretty members^^ the concept of the music video is quite whimsical at the same time made me felt speechless as well=.= and there r many viewers keep on saying the guy in the music video is effing ugly,do u agree with them?XD

U-Kiss: 0330
Brand new song after two former members,Kibum and Alexander being replaced by other new members, luv their new refreshing music style rather than all kinds of electronic auto-tune they had tried b4=.= 

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