Sunday, March 20, 2011

Serai@Empire+Whisk in Empire Shopping Gallery

Hello everyone!! Gonna talk bout some shopping and dining experience with domokun in Subang Empire Shopping Gallery XD thx domokun who brought me all the way to there and even stole her papa's GPS cuz both of us never been there before. Btw, after took a walk around the shopping mall, we settled down in this cozy restaurant called Serai@empire located  at LG floor to get rid of our hungriness. According to one of the waiter, this is a fusion restaurant which offered western and Malay delicacies with prices normally affordable by most of the college students and working adults. Lets take a look at their menu 1st XD

mouthwatering western delicacies XD

  how can u miss our local's goodness lol

Spaghetti Smoked Salmon (RM23) creamy tomato sauce with smoked salmon flakes, nice and not overloaded cheesiness, the aromatic of the herbs made this dish even more remarkable,thumb up !!

Nasi Kerabu(RM20), colored rice served with half a salted egg, ayam percik, ulam, solok lada, and keropok ikan, every things in this dish is just effing fragrant and successfully incited my appetite XD highly recommended!!

All in all, the dining experience in this restaurant was pleasant and satisfying and i think i would probably visit there again in the future. After that, we proceeded to Stella Vintage Bazaar which is the main reason that we came here, btw, we didn't get to splash out our money XD here is some photos we took at there........


Its tea time!! XD after used up our energy in the fitting room by trying out tons of different attires, we know is time to grab some extra calories now XD 

Whisk espresso bar and bake shop located at the same floor with Serai@empire which is a small but cosy cafe offering both sweet and savoury bites. We decided to try out some desserts at there since we already had our lunch before. 
not so extensive menu lol 

the macaroons are trying to seduce me XD and they was successful ><
 some funny drawing on the mirror

aren't they tempting XD 

 we ordered 10 pieces of different flavour mini macaroons which cost RM18(it cost RM2 each if u order less than 10 pieces), the flavour consists of chocolate,lemon,coffee,rose,lavender,strawberry shortcake, and etc....failed to remember all lah XD

Hummingbird cakes(RM11.90), taste totally like moist banana cake with crusted pecan =.=
btw, i like the cream cheese frosting which balance the sweetness of the cake ^^

 ss-ing lol XD

 i like tis photo very much!!

credit by: domokunest

the end of the post!!!and i really wanna sleep rite nw =.=

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