Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hokkaido Ichiba@Midvalley the Garden

Dining out with Cindy and her sister, Xin Wei on this Wednesday before catching a movie at Mid-valley Megamall. I actually requested them to accompany me to have a lunch in this Japanese restaurant cuz i had read quite a lot of gud reviews regarding this restaurant, nice foods with reasonable prices. However, out of expected, her sister like the restaurant so much and wish to have a second visit cuz it offers wide range of seductive & luscious desserts XD This restaurant is consider quite spacious with warm and comfy atmosphere, their services is polite and efficient with smiling faces adhering on every workers^^

Two isolated main menu, one for savoury dishes and one for desserts and beverages XD  

wide range of sweet treats provided u to choose for^^

Unatama Don, unagi with sticky aromatic Japanese rice

Miso Hotate Ramen, chewy ramen with fresh scallop, but i think the broth is a bit too salty >< 

Macha Crepe ordered by Xin Wei, i luv tis dessert so much cuz the ice cream is so macha-ty,highly recommended!!!

Ichigo Crepe, strawberry ice cream wrapped by crepe, i like the ice cream cuz it is so milky and silky with strawberry chunks in it XD

After that, we went to watch Beastly, nothing to shout about cuz the story line is quite flat and unexciting, btw, Alex Pettyfer is damn hot and handsome XD

Hope u luv the post, chao~~~^^