Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Junrong Birthday Celebration + Primary School Friends Gathering

This two events were actually held on last Friday which is a day tat seriously challenged my physical limitation (coz not feeling well + i overestimated my capability of wearing high heals and decided to walk with it for the whole day till i felt my leg no longer belong to me)=.=.....supa dupa fatigue during tat day...woke up at 5:30 in the morning to prepare my presentation, and we proceeded to sunway pyramid to look around for junrong's surprise present and cake,however, we accidentally ended up buying many things for ourselves lor =.= felt so sad and sorry to my wallet XD after that, we den moved to junrong's hostel which v alredy made a trick on her before v give her the surprise,innocent little junrong really fell into our tricks lor XD

Domokun and Bernice's sexy back while walking back to Sun-U XD

Junrong's birthday cake

yum yum~~~

took a group photo at the end^^

Happy Birthday to our dearest Junrong!!!

credit by: domokunest

After that, i rush back to my house and get prepare for the gathering with my primary school's friends. Unfortunately my voice getting more and more raucous and manly b4 the event start till some of my primary school friends made such comment: 'ur voice really change a lot leh !!' =.=.......ya......i unintentional disclose the hidden sexiness of my voice lol XD i think most of them had changed a lot lor,especially guys!!!

Can u find me? i know is quite difficult lah XD Hint: overweight gril with braid lol XD
v celebrated Pei chin birthday during tat day as well^^

Group photo with girls~~~

Babes and Dudes lol XD

The end~~~chao~~~

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