Saturday, March 26, 2011

Summary of the day #3

Actually this is a summary of my yesterday lol. Nothing extraordinary but had a amused dinner with Ling and Jemy at Momo Paradise. This was my third times to visit this steamboat buffet restaurant and i think i started gaining Momo Paradise phobia already =.= Not bcoz the foods there unappetizing or not tasty, tis is merely due to my personal preference lah, im not a steamboat fans at all coz i think all the steamboats taste almost the same(besides Szechuan style steamboat lah XD) n i always feel damn greasy at the end of the meal, still worth a try if u r a steamboat lover ^^ Ling love it very much cuz she is so into their unlimited fatty yummy juicy pork slices lor XD besides, met Jemmy Chong, a funny babe who made us laughed like hell with  every words came out from her mouth after we dint contact with each other for a long period, still managed to get along with her well cuz she is such a affable n talkative person ^^ here are some random photos took by my primitive hand phone lol

still luv their cheesy bean curd lah ^^

2 diff flavours soup mixed 2gether wtf=.=

can u c the cute but not so tasty star shape flour paste XD 

On the other hand, Ling did said something that made me pondered for a moment on tat day. Im such a indecisive person that like to hesitate endlessly when facing a moment where i hv to make up my mind =.= Sometimes u just have to make ur decisions in an unwavering manner(as long as those decisions does not harm yourself or others) cuz over thoughtfulness may cause u to remain on the original state without moving forward.....haiz..... will try my best to correct such bad habit lah ><

Luv u all n luv my life~~~chiao~~~