Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Korean BBQ Lunch@Ampang Duksoo-Nea Restaurant

Had a satisfying lunch with my dear family in this Korean BBQ restaurant located at  wat we normally called "Korean Village" during this Sunday. If u wish to go there, try to look for  the landmark, Ampang point which is juz located at the opposite of that location. As u drive in to that place,u can c there are many Korean restaurants for u to choose from. We chose this restaurant is bcuz last time when we loitered around and felt unsure which restaurant shud we choose, one Korean guy suddenly pop out and said 'cheap n fresh!' while pointed at this restaurant XD Btw, his recommendation did not let us down, so we decided to visit it again ^^

This is how their entrance look like ^^

their menu ^^


simple but comfy decoration ^^

me and my lovely cousin,Meng Hooi XD

 my dad's gigantic tummy and some refillable side dishes XD

thin and oily beef slices(RM45),yum yum~~~

we ordered two set of Dolsot Bibimbab(RM15 per set) to share 

pork set (RM60)

i luv their bibimbab so much >< sticky chewy yummy!!!

look a bit messy lor ><

 another round of meat again!! we are all carnivores ok XD btw, i like the red colour marinated meat the most, damn nice~~~

Check it out again XD:

Ampang Duksoo-Nea Restaurant,
B2-1,Jln Ampang Utama 2/2,
Taman Ampang Utama 68000 Ampang
Selanger Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: 03-4257 9655
H/P: 012-605 9655

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